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Готовый сервер archemu 3.3.5 (12340)
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Today i will release Lbniese-Repack v2.9.

This repack is made by Lbniese (me).
WoW Patch 3.3.5
WoW Client Build - 12340
ArcEMU: Core
ArcEMU revision: 3463
LHDB & SDB (LightHope(s)DB & ShadowDB)
Blizzlike (Kinda)
Version 2.9
Ulduar spawned and scripted 65-95%.
ICC spawned and scripted 30-95%.
Ruby Sanctum 10&25 man spawned and scripted. Wrong Creature Id's and scripts is in the Script folder but in a zip file?
Also added 100-850 working instance and zone Lua's.

32bit windows exe's...

Note: Apache and website is not included!

How start the server:

Run those files:  
lbniese-repack 2.9\Server\MySQL.bat  
lbniese-repack 2.9\ArcEmu\arcemu-logonserver.exe  
lbniese-repack 2.9\ArcEmu\arcemu-world.exe



DL links / mirrors:


Lbniese (Me) - For Compiling, putting all this together, adding my Lua. Fixing some broken Instance Lua's etc.  
ArcEMU - For the core.  
ArcScript - For some of the Lua scripts.  
LHDB - For main DB.  
BLua - For some Lua script too.  
SDB - For some fix's and items in the DB.  
Hakashi - For the ArcEMU restarter

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